9 Ways We Support Parents at trivago

Our parental community at trivago is growing, and this past year we carefully reviewed our existing benefits to see what we could do to support them both at work and in their family life. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits we offer parents at trivago!

Self-Determined Holidays and Flexible Working Hours

This benefit is not solely for parents as all of our talents can determine their own holidays and working hours, however, it definitely helps when you’ve got more than just yourself to look after. We trust that you can manage your own productivity and as long as your performance or collaboration with your team are not affected, you are free to determine your own working hours and holidays beyond the contractual minimum of 25 days of vacation.
Parents at trivago also get paid child sick days, 15 days per year for each child.

Additional Flexibility with Our Hybrid Work Model

Our hybrid work model provides additional flexibility with 3 days of in-person collaboration in our Düsseldorf campus and 2 days mobile work. For young parents, trivago also offers full home office flexibility for up to 1 year after childbirth – this means you can work from home whenever you need to. Additionally, up to 20 days per year can be spent working remotely somewhere else in Germany, the EU, and other approved countries.

Childcare Support with Heynanny

On top of additional flexibility, we’ve also partnered with heynanny, a service that helps connect parents with all types of child care needs. Heynanny is a family service offering private household assistance for children between the age of 0-14. trivago parents have access to a large community of more than 10,000 nannies throughout Germany, with all types of different backgrounds and languages to choose from. The platform is well-filled with available nannies in all the cities that our talents live in. We cover the first 5 hours for trivago parents joining the platform to test the service.

Child-Friendly Co-Working Space on Campus

As part of the benefits program for parents, we have transformed one of our larger meeting rooms into a child-friendly co-working space on our campus. We all experience those inevitable short-notice childcare interruptions or have days when we want to come to campus but don’t have a childcare solution available. It might even be that you simply want a change of scenery for you and your child once they have been picked up from childcare.

Health and Fitness Support

We aim to make sports activities accessible to everyone, giving our talents an opportunity to work out just a few steps away from their desks, which is especially convenient for young parents. Our talents can take time for themselves to recharge during our weekly yoga class, bootcamp session, by visiting our campus gym, or going for a run on our rooftop running track. 

Family Events

As much as we like to bring our talents together at our company-wide events, we also host many family-friendly events to bring our trivago parents and their families together as well – from family Christmas parties, to Easter events on our campus. 

Parents Community on Slack

Our  “Parents” Slack channel is an active community of trivago parents where they exchange tips, information, or trade and sell items that their children don’t need anymore. As soon as you start at trivago, you can join this channel and get all the advice you need from fellow parents who’ve moved from abroad and had to settle into a new city.

Information about Maternity and Parental Leave in Germany

When it comes to governmental support for childcare and primary caretakers, Germany is quite generous. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth process for our talents going on parental leave. We do what we can to ensure that talents can go on leave with peace of mind, keep in touch during their leave, and, most importantly, prepare them for a smooth return and reintegration into work. Find out more about maternity and parental leave in Germany.

Discounts and Deals

All our talents have access to our corporate benefits platform, which offers various discounts and deals that range from travel discounts to special deals for baby & kids clothing, strollers and accessories. This could help you save plenty of money on family, home, or travel expenses.

The benefits listed above are the most recently updated as of 1st June 2023.

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