The best coffee shops to try in Düsseldorf

Good coffee is not just reserved for Italy. While Germany may be famous for its beer, the country is also showing its appreciation for the roasted bean, with many hipster-style coffee shops making a name for themselves about town. Here in Düsseldorf, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to venues serving a top-notch cup of Joe! From Flingern to Oberkassel, here’s our round-up of the city’s finest.

Cøffe am Carlsplatz – Carlsplatz

Benrather Strasse, 6B

We’re happy to admit that Düsseldorf isn’t quite Copenhagen, but we can assure you that Cøffe am Carlsplatz does a damn good job at bringing a slice of cool from the Danish capital. Wedged in an inconspicuous corner of Carlsplatz, you’d be forgiven for walking straight past this place – but please don’t.

The pint-size venue takes you back to the 70s with its retro-style furnishings and fluffy cushions. But it’s not just the décor which steals the show here, the coffee is also pretty addictive. Various teas and hot chocolates are also on offer, along with freshly made bakery items, including some pretty fine salted caramel and popcorn macarons. Meet you there.

Café Schvarz – Flingern Sud

Ronsdorfer Strasse, 74

Photo sourced from Kaffee Schvarz

What are you doing next Sunday? We’ll let you in a top secret that only true Düsseldorfers know about. Café Schvarz is a micro-roastery located in the industrial part of Flingern Sud, and is open to the public only on Fridays and Sundays – could things get any more hipster? Housed in a warehouse, on the Alte Farbwerke site, Café Schvarz provides an industrial-chic aesthetic that’s the perfect backdrop for your afternoon coffee.

Photo sourced from Kaffee Schvarz

Beans are sourced from local farms and cooperatives, and offer just the right dose of fruity notes to your latte, cappuccino, or flat white. Food options include freshly baked cakes and pies that are sourced from The Baker’s Wife, and will remedy any sweet craving.

Kaffee Handwerk – Flingern Nord

Birkenstrasse, 127

With its cool vibes and international flavour, it only seems natural that Flingern Nord would be home to one of the city’s finest coffee shops. Although relatively new to the café scene, Kaffee Handwerk has well and truly made a name for itself thanks to its perfectly brewed coffee.

Whether you’re after a flat white, or you’d rather take your caffeine dose to new highs with one of the cold brews, this place is certain to have you coming back for more. Pair your coffee with a slice of New York cheesecake and your afternoon ritual is complete.

Woyton – Multiple Locations

When you think of chains, it’s hard not to be deterred. Woyton is one of those exceptions though – a little like Topshop or Nando’s. Dotted across multiple locations in Düsseldorf, this ol’ gem has been attracting locals and expats for two decades. And based on the creamy cappuccinos and lattes on offer, it’s not hard to see why.

Photo sourced from Woyton

If you have to change at Heinrich-Heine Allee to come to trivago each morning, we suggest stopping by the Woyton on Berliner Allee for your morning coffee. While you’re at it, grab one of the toasted bagels and treat yourself to a very cosmopolitan breakfast indeed.

Rösterei VIER – Altstadt

Marktplatz + Wallstrasse, 12

Photo Credit: © Robin Hartschen / THE DORF

Chances are that for you, the Altstadt has become synonymous with Alt beer sessions at Kürzer, followed by a late-night boogie at Cube. Are we right? If so, why not shake things up a little and venture to the Altstadt during the day for a coffee stop at Rösterei VIER? Positioned in two different locations in the Altstadt, just a hop, skip, and a jump from one another, there’s no excuse for not stopping by here for a seriously good coffee.

Photo Credit: © Robin Hartschen / THE DORF

Filter coffee is the highlight, with the baristas perfectly timing the infusion process from start to finish. If you’d rather keep things simple, you won’t be disappointed by the creamy – and strong – cappuccinos either. Both locations are worth a visit, but if we had to choose, we’d say the intimate, hipster vibes of the Wallstrasse branch are pretty hard to top.

Café Kwadrant – Pempelfort

Blücherstrasse, 51

Nestled on the fringe of a small platz in Pempelfort, Café Kwadrant is one of those places you always walk past and say to yourself “I must try that one day.” Once you finally do, you’ll soon find yourself returning most weekends!

Decked out with 70s-style furnishings including burnt orange sofas, it’s easy to spend several hours at this local haunt, sipping the killer coffee and appreciating the eclectic playlist. Food options are also abundant, with many breakfast items served all-day – ideal for those who appreciate a good Saturday morning lie-in.

Die Röstmeister – Oberkassel

Quirinstrasse, 1a

Fancy a day schmoozing with the posh crowd? Grab a tram, head across the Rhine, and we’ll meet you at one of Oberkassel’s best kept secrets, Die Röstmeister. Just seconds from Belsenplatz, this small locale takes its coffee super seriously, serving anything from flat whites to filter coffees, all to an exceptional standard.

Photo sourced from Die Röstmeister

After all, the name of this place translates to ‘the roast masters’, so we wouldn’t expect anything less. Opt for one of the tempting cakes on display, grab a stool at the window, and watch the local Oberkassel crew go about their daily business with just the right amount of prestige.


Cover Photo Credit: © Robin Hartschen / THE DORF

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