Best restaurants for international food in Düsseldorf

There’s no doubt that a hefty serving of schnitzel, chips, and a pint of beer go down well on a Sunday afternoon. But every once in a while, it’s nice to shake things up a little and try something outside of the German staple of meat and potatoes. Fortunately in Düsseldorf, you can treat your taste buds to a thriving international food scene. We got in touch with a hand-full of trivago employees to find out some of their go-to restaurants anytime they’re feeling a touch homesick, or are simply craving something a little different. Here’s ten of their favourites…

485 Grad – Pizza

Flingern Nord

“Even in Italy, I have a hard time finding a better pizza. Long leavening time and a high-temperature oven (485 degrees) are the secrets behind the authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in this small venue. Drinks include German craft beers and an incongruously impressive wine list.” Giuseppe Donati – Hotel Search

Photo sourced from 485 Grad

Do you like it thick or thin? This is the old-age question when it comes to pizza in Italy, and depending on whether you are team Naples or team Rome, your preference will firmly remain on one side of the fence. At 485 Grad, team Naples reigns strong, with pizzas offering a thick, fluffy base that’s topped with delicious ingredients.

Photo sourced from 485 Grad

Our tip? Keep things simple, and go for the Margherita Bufalina, which comes with a tomato base, a sprig of basil, and some gooey buffalo mozzarella to blend it all together. Wash your pizza down with a beer of choice, and you may just convince yourself you’re spending the night in Napoli.

Casita Mexicana – Mexican

Multiple Locations

“The tacos at Casita Mexicana feel like the most authentic interpretation of street food in Mexico – just like home.” Alejandro Juarez – User Support

Photo sourced from Casita Mexicana

When it comes to finding a decent pint of beer in Düsseldorf, the options are endless. And for margaritas? Casita Mexicana of course! Dotted across various locations in Düsseldorf, this Mexican locale has won the hearts of many expats thanks to its authentic food and cocktail menu.

Photo sourced from Casita Mexicana

Grab a margarita on the rocks, and pair it with a hearty bowl of nachos dripping with gooey cheese. If you’re still hungry, we also recommend the tacos, which come with a filling of choice – our pick being the chicken and salsa verde. Muy bien!

Takumi Chicken and Veggie – Japanese


“The quality of Takumi’s ramen is unparalleled…it was so appetising that my friend could not resist stirring in his soup before I had the opportunity to take my picture.” Alexandra Jordao – Content Marketing & Blogger @ Olamelama

Photo by Alexandra Jordao – Olamelama

Did you know that Düsseldorf was once home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan? It comes as little surprise then that Japanese cuisine is in abundance in the city, with many restaurants circulating around the Oststrasse district. In its heart you’ll find the coveted Takumi Chicken and Veggie.

Photo by Alexandra Jordao – Olamelama

A staple dish of Japanese cuisine is ramen, and the one served at Takumi Chicken and Veggie goes above and beyond. Think an aromatic broth, homemade noodles, vegetables, and a meat of your choice. If you dine at lunch, you can pay an extra €2 and add a starter and drink to your meal – perfect idea if you ask us!

Primitivo – Italian


“This local little joint has my heart with its amazing wine selection, delicious food (one must try the truffle pasta!) and cosy ambiance.” Dara Sayasinh – DEA

Photo sourced from Primitivo

Nestled in a back street of Pempelfort, just minutes from lively Nordstrasse, you’ll find the charming Primitivo. The interior of the restaurant is flanked by racks of wine bottles – proof that this place means business when it comes to offering the perfect drop of plonk!

Photo sourced from Primitivo

But the team behind Primitivo are just as committed to serving authentic Italian food, with the menu featuring a range of favourites from the bella paese! Start your evening with a serve of creamy burrata, then opt for one of the pasta specials – think penne arrabiata and pasta with truffle just to name a few.

Yatana – Ethiopian


“This is the kind of place that requires you to roll up your sleeves and dig in with both hands. The sharing mix plates involve swapping a knife and fork for Ethiopian pancakes (Injera) to scoop up incredible meat and vegetable stews. I promise you will not leave hungry (or with a clean shirt).” Eleanor Kutylowski – Content Marketing

Photo sourced from Yatana

Located just minutes from Worringer Platz, on a dimly-lit street, it could be easy to rule out an evening visit to Yatana for its location alone. But please don’t! This starkly-lit restaurant is one of the neighbourhood’s best kept secrets, and it requires a booking most nights of the week.

Photo sourced from Yatana

For groups, we suggest going for one of the mixed plates. Served on a large pancake, you can enjoy various vegetable and meat stews that all have just the right amount of spice. If you’re lucky, the host of the restaurant may also offer you a complimentary shot at the end of your meal to finish off your happy belly.

Les Halles St. Honore – French


“If you want to enjoy the beauty that is French food, this is the place to go! Enjoy delicious cheeses, charcuterie, and desserts, which are all paired with a great selection of wine. The friendly French staff will provide you with a great service too!” Quentin Branche – User Support

Fancy an evening quaffing the likes of a Bordeaux alongside a Côtes du Rhone? If so, stop by the quintessentially French Les Halles St. Honore. Although relatively new to the Nordstrasse restaurant scene, this little slice of France draws a solid crowd each night thanks to its authentic vibes and high-quality food.

Main meals and desserts are on offer, but why not keep things light and grab a mixed cheese and meat board? It’s just as satisfying – we promise! Accompany this with a basket of fresh, crusty bread, and you’ll likely feel like a true Parisian local for the night.

Die Kurve – Israeli


“The falafel takes me back home to Egypt, it reminds me of breakfast with grandma on a Friday morning. Friendly service, a great atmosphere, and decent wine also help to set you off for a perfect night.” Heidi El Hawary – User Support

Photo sourced from Die Kurve

Positioned on the fringe of a small platz in Pempelfort, Die Kurve is a corner locale that serves uniquely Israeli-Mediterranean prepared dishes. The aesthetic is bright and modern, but it’s the mouth-watering food and equally impressive wine list that’s stolen our hearts here.

Photo sourced from Die Kurve

Main meals are available, but if you’re on a night out with friends we recommend ordering a selection of mezze plates to share. All are prepared to perfection, but if we had to pick some favourites, it’s pretty hard to top the tabouleh and tahini hummus – plain yum!

Grindhouse – American Burgers


“The Chèvre burger will quite literally change your life – goats’ cheese and cranberries should be on every burger.” John Pilkington – Content Marketing & Blogger @ Continental Breakfast Travel Blog

Photo sourced from Grindhouse

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from trivago, there’s no excuse for not making a stop at Grindhouse for a quick lunch break or a more substantial after-work meal. ‘American diner’ is the permeating theme here, with high tables, a black and white colour scheme, and an extensive burger menu at play.

Photo sourced from Grindhouse

Since 2014, this burger joint has been satisfying locals thanks to the quality ingredients used in all menu items. Bread is delivered fresh daily by a local baker, and meat is sourced from the best farms in the region. Alongside traditional beef burgers, vegetarian options are also available. Top your burger with a homemade sauce and a side of fries, and y’all good to go.

Pozangmatcha – Korean


“In Düsseldorf you can really try food from different parts of the world. This is one of the best Korean restaurants I have ever been to.” Chiara Cipollone – Talent Integration & Core Events

If you’re unfamiliar with Pozangmatcha, you could easily walk straight past it. Located at the quieter end of Oststrasse, this Korean gem has a very unassuming façade, with small windows and large black and white doors that are a tribute to the space’s former use as a ‘Kneipe’ (German pub). Enter, and your taste buds will certainly thank you later.

The interior of Pozangmatcha has a gritty, industrial vibe which is the perfect backdrop for a relaxed after-work meal with friends. Choose from the detailed menu, which offers authentic dishes including tofu soup and kimchi pancakes. Our pick is the BBQ chicken, which is marinated to perfection and comes with plastic gloves to wear so you can avoid dirtying your hands. Pair your meal with a pint of cold beer, and you’re certain to leave wanting to do it all again next week.

Anfora – Turkish Brunch


“It’s a decent, warm savoury brunch that’s a departure from the German-style continental cold cuts and cheese. They also keep the Turkish black tea and OJ flowing!” Andrew Wong – Content Marketing

Photo sourced from Anfora

We all know that Sundays in Germany can be a little depressing. It’s the day before the working week, you’re potentially feeling the rough effects of one too many beers the night before, and all the shops are closed which means no retail therapy. But rather than wallowing at home in bed, why not celebrate the day with a hearty brunch at Anfora?

Photo sourced from Anfora

Located just minutes from Düsseldorf’s revered K21, Anfora is the perfect place to start your day, before an afternoon perusing the gallery. Brunch is served every Sunday from 10:00-13:30, and offers over 40 dishes including briny Turkish white cheese, salmon, and jam specialities. There are also several hot meals, alongside a range of vegetarian options.

Cover Photo sourced from Casita Mexicana

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