Burn bright, not out! Academy reflection with Hamza Khan on the Burnout Gamble

If all you want to do is win, win, win, take it from a recovering overachiever Hamza Khan and STOP. Claiming today how overrated and actually dangerous the attitude of overachieving is, the author of “The Burnout Gamble”, award-winning marketer and entrepreneur Hamza Khan ran Splash Effect and SkillsCamp; two agencies at the same time, whilst he wrote, talked and traveled around the globe at a fast pace. In his trivago Academy on the Burnout Gamble Khan shares why he had to rethink his lifestyle of overachieving even in his leisure and find his way back to truly enjoying life as a high-performer.

Human Being vs. Human Doing

One experience mirrored Hamza, that life couldn’t run in this fast pace this forever: Right before his greatest trip planned, he suddenly got cold feet and spent hours motionlessly sitting in his room, counting down minutes before his planned departure. His flight left without him. A cocktail of emotions challenged him to answer the question how this could possibly happen to a guy that achieves everything as far as it seemed?
Starting here, he discovered a whole world behind today’s buzzword: Burnout and the 12 stages that Herbert Freudenberger and GailNorth say it comes in.
From the compulsion to prove yourself over working harder, neglecting your needs, displace conflicts, a denial of arising problems, to withdrawal, odd behavioral changes, depersonalization, inner emptiness that finally leads to depression. Looking back, he found himself being predisposed to burning out, as he tended to submit to work wholeheartedly and fully lived in the Golden Age of stress where 69% of today’s employed define work as a source of.

The two terms Karoshi (Japanes) and Guolaosi (Chinese) show how serious this attitude and situation actually is: They describes Death as a result from work.
And Millennials are believed to be the most stressed. Success requires effort – effort induces stress and stress can lead to burnout. This is the formula that resumes the problem.
But how to reduce stress?

Overachievers need to transition back to being a high-performers and achieve a state of productive anxiety, unlearn stress and regain control.Go for appetite rather than aversion and instead of looking at stress as the result of a structure that by forces disrupt equilibrium, stress can be regarded as “a measurement of how engaged you are with the things that bring
love and growth into your life” and produce probability as a high-performer. It’s all about a healthy dose and avoiding the Icarus-effect of getting to confident, flying too close to the sun and burning your wings. Hamza Khan advertises finding the right altitude to arrive at your destination and develop resilience on your way, by building up tolerance to stress and let it happen in your life in small amounts.
Rethink Burnout: It’s not the fire that is the problem of burning_out, it is the absence of fire, the metaphor for passion, action, fuel that we need to protect in order to stay healthy.

“Do something everyday that scares you.” And always remain slightly uncomfortable all the time.
Hamza Kahn made his transition form Human Doing back to Human Being.
Burn bright not out!

Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke
Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke

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