Why have the Content Marketing team gone bananas?

The Content Marketing Team at trivago has been in a committed relationship with their magazine Room5 for a few years now. It wasn’t love at first sight. No. They were both shy at the beginning. They had to get to know each other, to learn to build some solid foundation through inspiring hotel stories, to slowly be able to share their love with other people (the amazing Room5 readership). They were going strong and felt comfortable together… perhaps too comfy?

The team realised how they took Room5 for granted. They knew too well each paragraph of the hotel lists, the headlines were becoming too easy… everything was just too familiar in this relationship. There were no surprises anymore. Where was the thrill, the butterflies in the stomach, the adventure?

It was time to break the routine and to revive the Content Marketing Team/Room5 magazine romance. To spice up things, they decided to get out from their cosy desks for a full day, to put on their most beautiful t-shirts and to go bananas…

The kickoff

Inspired by how Hack The Org! brought tech and business teams closer together, they organized a Creathon. A special event in which Content Marketing teams join forces to brainstorm, exchange thoughts, be creative and collaborate intensively on developing new types of content for the Room5 magazine.

New relationship goal: bring back the magic with inspiring and surprising content for readers.

Our Content Marketing talents met on a beautiful sunny Tuesday. And to make things even sexier, teams were created and a challenge was launched (to earn the heart of Room5 magazine back, you have to get a little competitive). All teams had a full day of brainstorming, with a little pizza break (you have to feed the love). It was tough, but with the help of their magnificent brains, expertise and some sweet snacks, they got a crush on some new ideas.

Then each team had to court a jury, presenting their creative concepts: “what your next romantic break will look like?”, “How to take the best pics in a hotel?”, “Bringing back hotel memories”, “what if hotel walls could talk?”… The tough jury announced a winning team based on what were the most promising stories.

But you know what? This isn’t a one-night stand.

After this romantic getaway, all teams have 3 months to develop their new creative ideas of content on Room5. Because the love between the Content Marketing Team and Room5 magazine has to be cultivated, nurtured. You have to put some work into this relationship.

So this is a date. In November, let’s check if, thanks to creativity, team-work and pizza, love is still in the air.

Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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