trivago Academy – Assuming the best in others with Octavio Cesar Martinez

Co-author of the book “Habits”; a condensed version of 50 years of Leadership Experience, Octavio Cesar Martinez analyses the impact we have on other people and tells us how to assume the best in them. His 30 year career in the telecommunication industries, his marriage experience of 38 years and the love for his three children taught Octavio a lot. He formed his sharp analysis about the human nature across art, family, society and, curiously enough, while working as a Police Chaplain with two law enforcement agencies…

“Love wins!”

A strong statement is tattooed on his knuckles and we learn instantly that this man has a message to share. Taking everyone in the room on board by pointing out that our existence has an impact  on other people “You are either going to make somebody better or worse by your own life” he illustrates how the lives of famous artists like Michelangelo had an impact on the whole world. From his first works to the paintings in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo who saw himself as a sculptor, that “painted a little”, created pieces of art that are carefully renovated today to remain immortal.
The respect we pay to those pieces of art gives us an understanding of how we see others, creates our reality about them.

“We see people through the filter of ourselves: Someone who is dishonest thinks that everyone is dishonest with them. If your filter is healthy you’re are going to be able to bring out the best in others”, as well as understand the struggle other’s might have been trough, before judging them and putting labels on them out of laziness or just so “we don’t have to process any further.”
Since “every decision, every interaction is a mark on another person”, we have to think about, wether what we say raises people up or puts them down.
Your first crush can make you wear a light blue for a long time, just by saying that you look good in it. Looking at people is valuing them and by “the third time someone says you are good at something” it is probably true…

But “who would you have to be to assume the best in other people?” We can pretend to be better people before we are. Often times your family, as they might still see you as a child can challenge the process of growing that way, but we can be very different people in different settings, we switch.
Octavio stands with Shakespeare quoting “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players “, so we can constantly keep practising to assume the best in other people until it becomes a habit and a reality.

“Reality is always your friend, just like truth.”

The only unfortunate part is that sometimes this takes years. The change includes learning, shedding light on people and looking for it in the other. It takes love and commitment in the well being of people: “Love is an action, not just a feeling” as well as compassion with yourself. “We need to untie the knots that people have put themselves into” and this endeavor is not for cowards.
As we want to protect what’s been injured people tend to hide their injuries so we need to be at least as careful as a restorer is with a precious piece of art…

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Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke
Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke

Teresa is a Creative writer and Office Coordinator at trivago, constantly oscillating between art and communication.You may have already read some of her posts, about our trivago Academies. She also writes for hip local blog The Dorf.

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