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Living in Leipzig: Germany’s Latest Emerging Creative Hub

Did you know that the founders of trivago met while studying at the same university in Leipzig? This is one of many reasons we now have an office here! Leipzig is also one of the fastest developing cities in Germany. Being located in the east side, former GDR, Leipzig has evolved from a rather dirty and unknown place into a shining star with a high standard of living.

Beautiful architecture, a rich range of art, music and culture, and young creatives are the heartbeat of this town. It has become a melting pot of different lifestyles and cultures that makes everyone feel home from the very first moment. We’ve rounded up some facts about this unique city, proving the hype around Leipzig is not an exaggeration ─ and we have to warn you: You might want to relocate after reading this!

Architecture & Housing

Before even getting to know the locals and the diverse culture of this city, you’ll be blown away by its beautiful architecture. Leipzig is full of freshly renovated Jugendstil houses, which are famous for their high ceilings and stucco. Compared to other big cities in Germany like Munich or Frankfurt, housing in Leipzig is still quite affordable, which is a huge factor determining the high standard of living in this city. 

The size of the city also makes it a great place to live. With around 600 000 inhabitants, Leipzig offers all the advantages of a vibrant city while you can still reach everything by bike easily within 30 minutes.

Alternative Lifestyle & Neighbourhoods

The Karl-Heine Boulevard is in my eyes one of the coolest “hipster areas” in town. Loaded with beautiful local shops, little cafes and trashy bars, you feel a bit like being in Berlin when strolling down this street. You can spend a whole day here, starting with a delicious breakfast at the Kaiserbad, followed by a little walk through Plagwitz ─ an old industrial district which has slowly turned into the home of young artists and fresh startups. For coffee and cake, the Cafe Kater is a must when being in Plagwitz. After you’ve browsed through all the tiny shops which offer local handmade crafts in all forms and colors, have dinner at the Chinabrenner, and a drink at the liqwe bar to round off the perfect day.

There are many more nice neighbourhoods in Leipzig, and each with its own unique culture and lifestyle. Once you’re here, don’t miss out on Schleußig, Reudnitz, Lindenau and Connewitz. Like Plagwitz, all of them have their own little treasures.

Leisure & Nature 

Leipzig is covered in green. Starting right from the city center, you can discover various different parks, rivers and canals which will ultimately lead you to one of the many lakes around the city. Whether you take a bike or a canoe for this is up to you. During summer time, the parks and lakes are crowded with people, young and old, enjoying the great weather with a BBQ and friends. 

Canoeing is an amazing way to experience Leipzig from a different angle. The Karl-Heine Kanal leads you through beautiful parts of the city with lots of history, architecture and nature. 

The Cospudener Lake is the busiest one, offering a range of activities in and around the water. From diving to sailing, from beach volleyball to golfing ─ this place has it all. If you like to relax in a quieter place, the Markkleeberger Lake right next to it is a great alternative. 

Art, Music and History, you’ll get it all in one!

Many people come to Leipzig to explore the cities rich art and music scene and history. Bach, Mozart, Bartholdy and places like the Thomas Church, the Opera House or the Gewandthaus with its famous orchestra offer heaven on earth for classic music lovers. 

In general,  you can choose from many cultural activities offered within the city. From a fancy theatre performance to casual live music concerts in parks, or art exhibitions in the old industrial areas, Leipzig has it all.
One of my favourites: Every quarter the door of the Baumwollspinnerei opens. An old cotton mill that has turned into a lively playground of skilled artists and young and innovative companies. During these openings, the artists open their private galleries and work rooms. You can find pieces from known and unknown painters and creatives, to the first works of art students from the university.

All of this is accompanied by great food, music and lots of people who enjoy the creative vibes of Leipzig. 

The People 

Leipzig is a melting pot of old and young, of different cultures and various lifestyles. If you’d ask me, a real “Leipziger”, I would describe the people as open, friendly and honest.

The local art and music scene attracts many creative minds and the universities attract young and fresh perspectives and Erasmus students from all over Europe. Since the city offers such a high standard of living, whilst still being affordable, you can find lots of young families living here too. In fact, contrary to the demographic trend in the rest of Germany, Leipzig has a higher birth rate than mortality rate, which keeps the city growing. 

The first time you enter the Leipzig community, you might get the impression that they’re perhaps a bit closed or shy. But wait for it ─ once they’ve opened up and taken you into their heart, there is no return.

If you haven’t had Leipzig on your radar yet, I hope it has now made it onto your bucket list! You won’t regret. I promise. 

Thanks to Anna from our Culture team for sharing your passion for Leipzig with us!

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