Meet The Carmencitas – trivago’s resident rockers

The Carmencitas have made a name for themselves at trivago, by entertaining us with their blend of acoustic funk and rock ‘n’ roll during our ‘trivago vibe’ nights. Now, they are expanding their reach and repertoire, and taking their show on the road.

Life at trivago: Hi Carmencitas! It’s a pleasure to get this opportunity to have a sit down chat rather than hearing you over a PA system. Would you like to introduce yourselves and what you do in the band?

Emilio Festa: I am Emilio, and I play the guitar, and this is Robin.

Robin-Verlomme-Fried: Yes, I am Robin, I play the guitar also, and we also both sing. Emilio only started to sing quite recently and discovered that he is a great singer.

Lat: Oh yeah? A hidden talent?

RVF: It’s like a Lou Reed kind of vibe. It’s not nice, but it sounds good! Haha.

Lat: Haha, I get the picture. How long have you guys been playing together?

RVF: We started last year, I think around October or maybe November.

EF: So, short answer: one year haha.

EF: We actually met playing football. After I saw a concert that Robin played at ‘trivago vibe’ (a monthly internal club night), I thought “Ahhh F***ng hell I want to be a part of that!” then I noticed his name on a doodle poll for playing football (trivago has a weekly 5 a side game), and so I joined the game, just to talk to him about music.

Lat: So, you stalked him at the football game.

EF: Yes, creepy groupie style. We were playing on different teams and I asked him in the middle “Hey what was the name of that song you played?”

Lat: Nice story! So, the Carmencitas have played a couple of times at trivago Vibe, I seem to remember there is a video online of one of your performances, we could use that in this blog piece.

RVF: Yes, it is very good.

Lat: Modest too!

EF: Tomorrow, we are actually going to record two songs, just for you, just for Life at trivago.

Lat: Oh nice. Originals?

RVF: Yes, two originals, one of his, and one of mine.

Lat: Looking forward! So, you have a gig coming up, outside of trivago, correct? Next weekend is it?

EF: Yes, next Saturday. At an art gallery. Close to the Hauptbahnhof (main station).

Lat: Are tickets available?

RVF: Ah, it is free; free entrance, free bar.

Lat: Wow, that sounds pretty enticing, there might be quite a few locals who read this and like the sound of that.

RVF: Good, good! Of course, we want as many people to see us as possible.

Lat: And you’ll be playing a mix of covers and originals? Do you have any plans to record and release?

EF: I have my own “studio” at home. Well, I have a good microphone, and a computer so that does the job! We already have a few songs, originals, but I don’t think we will release anything just yet.

RVF: Yes, the plan is just to play more and more. We have had a few obstacles with line-up changes, drummers coming and going, one had an overdose. You know, the usual stuff.

(NB: a drummer didn’t really have an overdose…)

EF: The Carmencitas are just the two of us really, and band members change depending on the situation. So sometimes we will be acoustic, sometimes a full band.

RVF: We play with different people all the time. If anyone says they are interested we just jam. It is good for us as we can learn to adapt and pick up new things.

Lat: How very trivago! So, you two are the core and there are interchangeable parts moving around you.

RVF: Well, I would say still, that Emilio is the core, I am like the main groupie. Our next big internal gig is the trivago Vibe in January, we’d like to make that a really big one.

EF: Yes, and bring lots of new music to our repertoire and surprise people.

Lat: So, what will the lineup be like at the next Vibe and the following gigs?

EF: Still unconfirmed haha. We rehearse here at trivago, we book a large meeting room after hours, and have a few beers. We are really thankful to trivago for allowing us to do that, it really is very cool of them!

RVF: We are hoping that in the new campus there will be a sound-proof rehearsal room with a drum kit in, if anyone is reading this!

EF: There are so many musicians here at trivago, I think it would be a good addition.

Lat: Well, fingers crossed! So, I guess, I’ll see you next Saturday if not before!

Want to go see the Carmencitas in Düsseldorf? Sign up to the Facebook event. 

Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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