Do you mind being mindful? How the ‘now’ can become our best moment – trivago Academy with Payal Khurana

Mindfulness is not about sitting in a corner meditating and being happy…

In December we were lucky enough to spend some days with Payal Khurana who practiced meditation for many years and took us on a journey to discover some truth beyond the myth of the ever happy Buddha. Payal teaches different styles of meditation and discovered mindfulness leading her to a more peaceful life. Now she wants to share that gift with others.

“Paying attention on purpose, moment by moment without an attachment to the outcome” is Payals favourite definition of Mindfulness and her favourite moment is the NOW. She teaches us, that THIS is the moment that we can start taking in everything around us and being aware of everything happening within us. And the good news is: Truth can be found in the most basic thing imaginable: Our breath!
Focusing on our breath helps to let our ever running mind come to a rest. There are no right or wrong thoughts, everything can come  and go alongside our breathing rhythm.

Coming to America with her parents as a two year old from India she learned, that happiness equals being successful at a very early age. The classic American dream told her that stepping up the stairs to Harvard is a way to follow her parent’s best advice: becoming a doctor a lawyer or an engineer, were the given options. With a degree in Computer Engineering and Science and working as a Health care IT-consultant, Payal seemed to “have it all”, only that she was already hoping the day had passed when it had just started. A burning question arose in her: Is this what life is really about? The desire to make the most out of life led her starting a co-working space together with her business partner. But to demystify being self-employed she tells us: “When you start your own business, the first thing you see, is the number on your bank account getting smaller and smaller.” The feeling of failing is still very much linked to our financial situation and safety.

Payal decided she needed a setback at this given moment and found how meditation and silence gave her the answer: Let go of the outcome!

“Mindfulness has been proven to increase your focus by increasing your capacity to resist distracting urges. The many benefits of mindfulness include improved relationships and concentration, a sense of empowerment, joy from within, and relaxation in the midst of life’s challenges.”

But how can we be more mindful? Payal’s advice is: “Think with your heart and question how much do we practice to think with our hearts and create the space for this”

Spending time alone, writing a journal and asking yourself: “What are you doing out of obligation vs from your heart?” are steps that we can all take in order to

Chose to be ok with uncertainty and check-in with your body to be aware that there will always be thing that we can and things that we can’t control!

Mindfulness teaches us to be present and it teaches us this constantly, we have to remind ourselves to serve the moment again and again.
Let’s all join our best moment – the now!

Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke
Teresa Schmidt-Meinecke

Teresa is a Creative writer and Office Coordinator at trivago, constantly oscillating between art and communication.You may have already read some of her posts, about our trivago Academies. She also writes for hip local blog The Dorf.

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