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On my very first trivago Friday, I listened to our CEO Rolf’s speech, which ended on an invitation to a party at his house (but this is another story). As I was about to leave, I heard some people jamming with two Guitars and a Cajon. Who were these people? Robin, Emilio and Giselle. I stayed there listening and ended up joining them, little did I know, I was jamming with The Carmencitas.

“I started playing guitar because of The Beatles…woooow!!! it was an explosion in my head. I wanted to play their songs so badly, that I had to learn guitar!” -Emilio Festa (The Carmencitas)

“trivago really makes it easy for every musician to live their passion. The office is always accessible after hours to practice, as loud and as long as needed. ‘trivago vibe’ and the possibility to organize events also give us the chance to perform and to meet other musicians.” -Robin Verlomme-Fried (The Carmencitas)

I stayed longer, fascinated by these talented musicians. Then, a few weeks later, ‘Josito and the kids’ were born and we were locked in to perform at ‘trivagoVibe’.

What is trivagoVibe?

At trivago, sharing quality time together is one of the things that makes us a huge family. In 2016 Hakan and Cihan wanted to carry this concept one step further, so they organized the very first trivagoVibe event in the company.

Based on our core value of entrepreneurial passion, the idea behind trivagoVibe is to bring company musicians together and create a vibe through their mutual love of music!

“I am addicted to music. Listening to good, fresh music increases my life energy. A fresh track or when I find something new and good, I’ve never listened before, sometimes I literally feel joy in my heart like it’s a physical surge of energy. trivagoVibe has become such a platform, where our company musicians make me feel this joy during the whole event.” Hakan Dilaver (Organizer)

Josito Baby

How was the last trivagoVibe event?

The last event was a great success, we had five different bands comprising of 13 performers playing at the event which attracted over 400 participants. We received some great feedback from many different people in the following days.

The lineup showcased some of the best music talent trivago has to offer including:

  • Belier Bleu (Robin Verlomme-Fried)
  • Tintin (Annie Nguyen, Peter Kelly, Yun Sato, Juan Pedro Giner)
  • Josito and the Kids (José Hidalgo, Rafael Branco, Giselle Amend)
  • Carmencitas (Robin Verlomme-Fried, Emilio Festa, Giselle Amend)
  • Turbo D (Daniel Kraft, Franz Brennecke, Marcel Seven, Matthias Keul)

“trivago Vibe makes me feel like a cool kid playing in a band at school. For me it is such a nice feeling to play music with my colleagues after work. We all come from different countries but with music, we feel like we speak the same language. I was pretty nervous before the performance because I got a cold and couldn’t speak for 5 days. However, it turned out to be a great performance thanks to my teammate’s motivation and my colleagues’ encouragement. Who would have thought a childhood dream could come true at the age of 30 half way around the world?” -Anh Nguyen (Tin Tin)

Future plans?

Looking forward, we would like to improve our platform, create an easily accessible space for all company musicians, or any other stage performers, to showcase their talent and to have a unique experience together.

Also, we are currently looking into the possibilities of having a bigger audience and more performers for the event. We have many more ideas for our new campus. Stay tuned!

“As I thought my birthday party couldn’t get any better since I had the change to perform alongside with a bunch of talented musicians like: Rafael, Giselle, Robin, Emilio, Ahn, Peter, Yun, Mod, Dejan, Stefanie, Simon…. Hakan DJ’ed the night out! It’s incredible how music can unite us and how none of this would have happened if there wasn’t a trivagoVibe” -Josito Baby (José Hidalgo)

Highlights from the last trivagoVibe:

José Hidalgo
José Hidalgo

José (known on stage as 'Josito Baby') is a Technical Account Manager who loves music so much, that singing is just not enough... he also writes about it.

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