How Slack (and some team spirit) came to our rescue during hurricane Friederike

Yesterday, our Düsseldorf HQ was at the centre of a record-breaking storm, forcing us to remain indoors and bringing all public transportation to a standstill. Many were stranded in Golzheim, luckily, many others were there to offer their support.

There were severe weather warnings issued the previous day, but no-one was quite prepared for how severe the weather would turn out to be. While one group were off-campus for a strategy summit where the venue was already damaged by a fallen tree, others were stuck in the office avoiding flying debri coming from the building.

How do we know all of this? Because as a company, we share pretty much everything, and mostly through Slack.

As word came in about the extent of the storm and the damage it was causing, people from the whole company started sharing their knowledge, advice and relevant information.

Soon enough, word started to spread that all transport would be down not only within, but both in and out of the city. This was set to cause some problems to a lot of employees who commute from towns and cities outside of Düsseldorf.

What followed was an organic, company-wide car sharing initiative that ensured everybody would make it home.

The team spirit was undeniable, and was captured perfectly in an emotional Slack post at the end of the day by Matt Morgan #proudtobetrivago

This really is an authentic snapshot into Life at trivago. We are one family dedicated to helping each other out. Also, a huge thanks to Slack, without which, our communication and collaboration wouldn’t be nearly as fast or effective.

Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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