The importance of corporate social responsibility – trivago vitamins with Annachiara

Annachiara is passionate about corporate social responsibility and so is trivago, so the trivago CSR department invited her to give a vitamins session at our office on March 1 about the topic. ‘trivago vitamins’ is a reoccurring event in which trivago talents can present a specific topic to the whole trivago team. It is an opportunity to share their knowledge about a subject and discuss it with others during lunch break – food is provided! Life at trivago met Annachiara to find out more about her background and what she has to say about this very important and interesting topic.

Life at trivago: You work at trivago in Content as a Copywriting Project Manager for the Italian market. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the vitamin session which is a completely different field. Where did your passion for CSR originate? Did you study something related to that?

Annachiara Foschi: Well if I must pinpoint it, I’d say around the time I was working in East Africa. I realized how limited NGOs resources are, and I started getting interested in how businesses were tackling social issues, since they had a lot more they could use.
For my undergrad, I gained my bachelor degree in Milan where I studied international relations and foreign languages, I have always been in love with the world. I gained a Masters degree in International Development and Cooperation, I then decided diplomacy was not for me (I interned at the UN and at an Italian embassy for a total of six months). My second master was gained in CSR, as I started gaining more interest in linking the non-profit to the profit.

Lat: You said in the vitamin session you worked in Africa and Luxemburg, can you tell us a bit more about the projects you were tackling? What were your tasks?

AF: Well in South Sudan I was working as a Project Manager for a complex project in partnership with UNICEF. This project included three elements: education, water and sanitation, health and nutrition. I had to cover a large area in a country which has no roads… it was tough to say the least!
In Luxembourg I worked in the CSR department of an entertainment company; there were a lot of projects which involved responsible programmes on TV and on the radio. We worked with journalism schools and with some local charities.  Employee engagement was also high; we implemented some really fun initiatives to raise money for causes that the company was fond of.

Lat: What do you find is the most important part of CSR for a company?

AF: Well, they are all very important so it depends a lot on the company you are talking about. For example, companies that have huge environmental impact might want to focus on the “planet area” more which means to be environmentally friendly. Conversely, companies that deal with a lot of money, like banks or financial institutions, might want to think of a way to focus on the profit part so saving money through socially responsible and sustainable actions.

Lat: What are trivago’s initiatives when it comes to CSR?

AF: trivago is doing so much in terms of employee engagement! Great work flexibility, lots of activities for the employees, a comprehensive sport programme, plenty of training and development opportunities… I could go on for a while!

The new campus will also be compliant with the LEED certification and get rid of the plastic water bottles. The efforts will likely not stop there. trivago is studying other ways to be even more environmentally friendly. This is going to save the company quite a lot of money in the good run… way to go!!

Lat: After this vitamin session you gave, are you going to join some more initiatives on CSR at trivago?

AF: Absolutely, there are lots of initiatives I want to take part in. I love working with children and I love meeting new people, I am very excited for the activities to come!

Lat: What do you think a single person can do to be more socially responsible?

AF: Be conscious about your environmental footprint as much as possible. Bike instead of driving, don’t use too much plastic (it is impossible to get rid of!), recycle (circular economy everybody!), donate what you don’t need anymore, it’s the little things that count! And of course, if you have some time and interest join the activities that trivago is offering to spend time with local communities. It’s a gift to them and a gift to yourself!

Lat: Thank you so much for the interview!

To make this topic more tangible, Annachiara shared this video at the end of her presentation during the vitamin session. Check it out for some real life tips and a good laugh!

Jessica Schnase
Jessica Schnase

Jess works as a Copywriting Project Manager in Hotel Search, drawing energy from trivago sports classes and choir and is keen on Scandinavian design.

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