trivago on Snow: A snowboarding experience

Growing up in a tropical country, I’ve seen snow once or twice in my life, but never a mountain of snow. I don’t like doing exercise, my favourite “sports” are playing pool and dancing. I have balance disorder, acrophobia & tachophobia. But when there was an opening for a snowboarding trip to Austria, I couldn’t resist and registered for it immediately. Because, why not?

Before going, I only knew snowboarding as an extreme sport that is quite expensive. But once I was “on-board” with my colleagues, I realized that it is actually an amazing sport that has left me with the most unforgettable memories.

We started the trip by flying from Düsseldorf to Munich, from there, we took a 5-hour bus to Kreischberg, Austria. From an Asian viewpoint, the bus driver wasn’t the friendliest one, but I was too busy being amazed by the scenic views of the snow fields and mountains to even notice.

We arrived at the middle of the night to two wooden huts right in the centre of the valley surrounded by mountains and most importantly, with an outdoor Jacuzzi!

Morning view from our huts

The next few days we were so lucky with the weather, the snow was powdery and soft which made all of our falls much less painful. We were divided to 2 groups; the more experienced ones went directly to explore the slopes and the beginners were assigned to a professional instructor. Of course, I struggled even with the beginner group, as almost everyone already had skiing experience. I couldn’t count how many times I fell down, while everyone was quickly sliding down the hill, I was still on my bottom and couldn’t even stand up. There were times when I felt that I couldn’t do it, but my colleagues were always there to (literally) pick me up, and cheer me up with their smiling faces and reassuring encouragement!

Wei, my partner from Taiwan and our private instructor

In a less painful scenario, the more experienced group explored all the corners of Kreischberg. They looked likes the cool kids in the movies, conquering the mountain whilst sipping whiskey.

Every day, after varied activities, we met all together for after-ski party, a nice dinner & to chill out in the Sauna & Jacuzzi. It’s still amazing to me when I think about how 13 people from different departments and countries with various experience in snowboarding and skiing were brought together by the theme of ‘Fanatic Learning’.

After the trip, we all developed more love and passion for snowboarding, Susanna returned to Kreischberg to further develop her skills whilst Wei, Robin and many others continue to explore different ski resorts in Europe.  As for me, I’m still waiting for a chance to go back to the snow, and you never know, as my colleagues joked ‘maybe one day I will join the Winter Olympics!’. Thank you trivago!

Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen

You can call her Annie or Quỳnh Anh (her real Vietnamese name). She works in the Country Development team at trivago, making sure the Asian markets reach their full potential.

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