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You may have heard about some of the perks trivago offers, flexible working hours, unlimited holidays etc. But did you know we actually send people home from work? Well, not for disciplinary reasons, just because we feel it’s important to reconnect with your roots. But we wouldn’t send them home alone, so we pick a bunch of trivago employees at random to join them and experience their colleague’s home town like a local.

The last edition of ‘Take Me Home’ saw Corentine host a food and festivity-filled weekend at her family’s beautiful home in Lyon. This time we went further east, to the Hungarian capital of Budapest, home of Country Developer Bettina.

Bettina, Country Development Nordics

When I heard about the fanatic learning initiative by our Talent organization team, I was very excited to present my city, Budapest. ‘Take me home’ for me meant getting to know 13 amazing colleagues (who I didn’t know before) to whom I could show my city, culture, language, cuisine and family.

As I finished in my high school as a tourist guide, I already had the idea what I wanted to show and I built the experience on Hungarian inventions, so we could get to know and visit Prezi (Hungarian presentation software company), escape 2 escape rooms, learn how to finish the Rubik’s cube, ride a ‘bringó hintó’ on Margaret Island (6 persons bike) and experience a medieval dinner. But it is not about the city, it is all about the amazing trivago people, who made this trip, a great and unforgettable experience to me, and made me rediscover Budapest too.

Thank you for this great experience guys and of course thank you trivago!


Shufang, Content

I had a plan early this year to visit Budapest, however, I did not make it happen until I surprisingly got picked to join the ‘take me home-Budapest’ experience. The whole journey was well organized including accommodation, flights, city tours, and activities. We teamed up with colleagues from different backgrounds and explored the journey together.

This trip turned us from colleagues into friends. We didn’t only visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites but also experienced the modern start-up culture. The highlight of the journey was when we visited the host’s parents, which provided us an authentic, warm Hungarian home experience. Thanks to the comprehensive arrangement, I left one of the best memories in Budapest.


Cuiying, Brand Marketing

The journey to Budapest is amazing and unforgettable, with our lovely group, there was so much fun and happiness! This is the second time that I visited Budapest, and again, I am amazed by its splendid view along Danube River and the delicious traditional food.

Our host Bettina filled our stay with various activates and tasty meals. We also visited Bettina’s parents and had a feast, lots of talk, games and laughs, certainly the highlight of the trip! I feel so lucky to have joined ‘take me home’!

Max, Organisational Solutions

I was impressed by Budapest – it is a vibrant, rapidly developing city. There are lots of foreigners, many people we interacted with spoke English. It is one of the best cities I’ve been to in Eastern Europe. There are many reasonably priced, quality restaurants.

The city is big, with impressive architecture and grandiose buildings. It was even more enjoyable because we went there as a group. Few people knew each other on the first day and we built our relationships throughout the trip.

The best part of the trip was visiting Betti’s parents in their house. We had delicious home-made dinner. Even though they did not speak much English, they were very engaging and found ways to communicate with us (mostly through Betti).


Stephanie, Talents & Organisation

Having the chance to explore a beautiful city like Budapest with a local among other people from trivago was a very special experience to me. It still amazes me how 14 people from various places with diverse cultures can bond so fast and so well.

One highlight of the trip was spending the afternoon at Bettina’s parents with home cooked food. (Still dreaming of this yummy goulash soup!) as well as singing karaoke in our apartment just like a (trivago) family.


Jueun, Sales & Account Management

I enjoyed the take me home to Budapest very much! Budapest was so beautiful and the people are kind and helpful. I am very glad that I got to enjoy the city with Bettina who is a local, I think this makes such a big difference when you travel to a new place.

The best part of the trip was definitely visiting Bettina’s parents. They welcomed us with open arms (and with so much food – the homemade Goulash was amazing)! Huge thanks to Bettina and trivago TO team for organizing this cool trip!

Sabina, Talents & Organisation

I’m so happy to have participated in the second Take Me Home by trivago in October. We had an authentic experience of Budapest with the help of Bettina. Having a native speaker show you around and teach you about the food, traditions and culture is far more valuable than any travel-guide book on the market.

My biggest highlight on this trip was meeting the wonderful family, who treated us to tasty wine, probably the best goulash soup I have eaten, and a bunch of fond memories.

Stefan Durski
Stefan Durski

Stefan is a Marketing and Employer Branding specialist in trivago’s Talent Attraction team.

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