trivago tales in depth: Meet Data Engineer Jake

Data Engineer Jake Robert Mongaya shares insight into his role and the development of Data Engineering at trivago.

“After 1,5 years at trivago, I can say I learned how to handle the company’s data-set faster than I learned German!

While doing some bug fixing at my previous company, I decided to visit a very familiar website to tech people, Stackoverflow, where I came across the position for Data Engineer in the Marketplace and Advertiser Dynamics team.

Over my time here, our team grew from 2 to 8 Data Engineers. Our job is to be enable Data Scientists and Data Analysts to get access to accurate and high quality datasets which they then use for data-driven decision making. These datasets provide e.g. impression, bookings, revenue calculation, bidding and advertiser-related data. Being able to understand the value of each data-set helped me becoming successful in my role, which is why it’s a great playground to have access to X Giga data.

You might think that working with these critical datasets leads to high stress and long working hours, but trivago invests in their talents and provides us the necessary support we need; both with flexible time off and learning opportunities. Just last year, I was able to attend Spark Summit in Amsterdam and got access to online learning portals like O’Reilly and Pluralsight.”

– Jake, Data Engineer

trivago is currently hiring data engineers for our core product and market and advertiser dynamic teams!

Core product – Search Intelligence

We’re looking for a data engineer to take ownership of critical data pipelines and complex data crunching for our product analysis team. Working with huge data-sets, you’ll be responsible for developing our a/b testing pipelines and data products that impact the decisions of Product Managers and Business Owners across the company.

Market and Advertisers Dynamics

This team develops different types of auctions and is responsible for the commercialization of our products. Advertisers compete in these auctions for exposure in trivago’s website (and mobile Apps) by submitting attractive property rates and competitive bids. Sustainably running these auctions depends first and foremost on smooth and reliable data flows between our advertisers and us. As a Data Engineer in Market and Advertiser Dynamics you’ll develop the data pipelines that process the interaction of our 6 million daily users and our 400+ booking sites.

Life at trivago
Life at trivago

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