What is trivago Vitamins?

trivago Vitamins is a unique platform that enables the exchange of knowledge across the whole company.

With such a diverse group of people all under one roof, with very different stories to tell, this weekly format was created to give talents the opportunity to share their experiences, expertise, current projects or latest learnings, with their fellow colleagues. The sessions cover a wide range of topics, from departmental insights to personal challenges, creative strategies to passion projects.

Emma Sullivan talks through her personal experience in the Startup world

It could be an area directly related to trivago, like our UI developer Christoph’s presentation on our achievements in User Interface development, Designer Ilaria going behind the scenes of Digital Product Design, or Fabian answering the frequently-asked question “Why doesn’t the US trivago guy wear a belt in our TV ads?”.

Maybe you’d prefer a bit of self-reflection, with Jeremy explaining the benefits of being more self-aware or Twaambo helping us answer the question: “what’s stopping you from being creative?”.

It doesn’t always have to be about work – we’ve had Benjamin sharing with us his passion for magic, Joe discussing his new book which documents his adventures in Costa Rica, and Danny telling us all about his 740km charity bike ride. 

Menelaos from Product Mareketing shares insights into his role at trivago

trivago Vitamins is the place we get some lunchtime inspiration and live our core value of Fanatic Learning. As if all that isn’t amazing enough, the audience can even tuck into a delicious, healthy lunch during the sessions, provided by local Düsseldorf catering service cooking+fun. 

Get your vitamins!

The trivago vitamins session is an internal initiative open to all trivago employees, taking place weekly around about lunchtime. If you like the sound of these sessions, sign up to our Talent Community, and hopefully we’ll see you at a Vitamins session in the near future!

Taken from a session where 4 of our developers Andy, Jessica, Ivana and Matthias gave a unique “Explain like I’m 5” Q&A.

Beatrix Brewer
Beatrix Brewer

Beatrix is part of the Organizational Foundation team at trivago, working as a program coordinator on culture and communication topics. She also sometimes finds time to contribute creative content for our blog!

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