Meet Eva – One of our senior freelancers

Jessica Schnase works in our Content team as an Outsourcing Project Manager. Jess welcomed a visitor to the offices yesterday for a tour and a quick interview, one of our freelance writers, 82 year-old Eva.

Eva has been working freelance for trivago since March. She creates some of the unique text for trivago’s German language platforms (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Eva is one of the people responsible for writing hotel descriptions and review highlights (a summary of guest’s negative and positive hotel reviews).

Eva’s daughter Susie now lives in Florida, but when she flew over to visit Düsseldorf, her mother was keen to show off our offices to her. So myself and my student support Jenny showed them around!

Jessica Schnase: Hi Eva, welcome to trivago! You live in Gehrden now, but you did live in Düsseldorf before didn’t you?

Eva: Yes, I have lived in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, Milan and even New York for 8 years!

JS: What motivates you to write and what do you like about it?

E: I love to read and I have so much creativity in me that I also wanted to write.

JS: What is your favorite book?

E: I like thrillers but one of my favorite books is “Die Muschelsucher” by Rosamunde Pilcher.

JS: If you could have any superpower- which one would you have?

E: I would like to beam to places, so I could visit my daughter in Florida more often.

JS: If you were an animal which one would you be?

E: A lion

JS: When you summarize guest reviews for trivago what is the funniest thing you came across?

E: Once, I read a guest’s review who found a rat under his bed in a hotel room! Another guest wrote that the stairs in Amsterdam are a challenge for people coming back from a coffeeshop. ?

Jessica Schnase
Jessica Schnase

Jess works as a Copywriting Project Manager in Hotel Search, drawing energy from trivago sports classes and choir and is keen on Scandinavian design.

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