Meet Melinda and Herah: The new BFFs from our “buddy system”

At trivago, all newbies are matched with a buddy to show them around, help them get started and make them feel welcome, including a get-to-know lunch on Day 1. Herah is a recent arrival at trivago and last week joined our Advertiser Relations team as a Sales Analyst. She will help the team with our campaign optimization and performance monitoring. Welcome onboard! Our Talents & Organization team matched her with a trivago insider, Melinda from our Design team.

Jelena (Life at trivago): Hey Herah! Tell us about your buddy experience once you got offered the job. How was the interaction and what were your expectations?

Herah: First I was surprised as I was not expecting something like that at all!

Jelena: Why not? ?

Herah: I don’t know I thought I was going to be with my team and that`s it. Then I received the email with Melinda’s contact info so I thought that this was really cool and I already knew someone. The interaction was not so intense in the beginning. I got the job offer two months ago and was quite busy at the time but closer to the actual start date in May, we got in touch more often. On my first day, I finally met Melinda for the buddy lunch and she found me in the middle of a bunch of other newbies. It was nice and I felt kind of special because it was all about me and Melinda gave me a feeling of belonging here right away.

Jelena: Melinda, you only started six months ago and now you are a buddy yourself for the first time. Can you share the experience of being a buddy and recent newbie from your perspective?

Melinda: Herah has been my first newbie. I also had a buddy when I started but this is the first time I was responsible for a newbie myself. It was also super nice to see everything from the newbie’s perspective. Now I also understand how my buddy must have felt when I started as a newbie. ? Back then I was overwhelmed as well and I like to help out of course. It is nice to see that now I have the knowledge to help someone else already after 6 months. It was also great that I could start introducing other people to Herah that I had already met here.

Jelena: What was the most valuable during your experience as newbie and having a buddy?

Herah: It is very nice that someone takes the time just for you. In your first week you are with a group of people and you help each other but I guess the buddy helps you to handle the information flow in a relaxed and rather casual atmosphere.

Melinda: I also think that it is very nice that the buddy lunch is organized by T&O and the newbie does not feel lost in the new office but has direction. It is important to feel included from day 1!

Jelena: I heard you already found out a lot about the other and that you have quite some things in common. Tell us about it.

Herah: Yes, we right away found out that we have so many things in common which made it really awesome.

Melinda: Before Herah arrived, I checked her “professional social media” to get a rough overview and I found out that she studied in Valencia and so did I. She speaks four languages, and I knew that for sure I am going to have plenty of questions for her. I was also wondering if you guys matched us on purpose because of our common background? This is just a perfect match!

Herah: Melinda and I exchanged on Valencia and how much we love the city! We both speak similar languages. German, English and Spanish. I also speak Urdu and Melinda is learning!

Melinda: My ongoing project is to learn Urdu as my boyfriend’s family is partly from Pakistan.

Herah: My parents are from Pakistan so at home we would speak Urdu. Maybe Melinda and me can start a language tandem together.

Jelena: This is indeed a great match! So Herah, what are you looking most forward to starting in your team this week after having done the checkin?

Herah: Getting started with my first projects. ? I have lots of onboarding meetings with my team this week and I am really looking forward to deep-dive into everything!

Jelena: What are the next steps for you guys?

Melinda: For sure we’ll keep in touch, have lunch together or coffee. I’ll keep on being a buddy of course! Let’s see how T&O matches me next time. After some time Herah might sign up for being a buddy as well. ?

Jelena Voss
Jelena Voss

Jelena is part of the Talent Orientation team at trivago, specifically taking care of new arrivals in the Check-in process. She will be covering topics that give extra insights into what to expect when you join trivago.

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