Not all heroes wear capes, but a lot wear lycra!

Next Tuesday, Danny Jakobsen from our Content Marketing team, will attempt to cycle 750 km in 30 hours in aid of Progressive MS research. Our own Anne Linnenbrueger had a chat with Danny ahead of his feat of endurance.

Project ‘Ordet Fanger’ was started by a sports commentator trying to predict a result on TV, one which he didn’t get right! As a forfeit that commentator will bike from Denmark to Germany. He also invited some others along to raise money for charity.

Next Tuesday a team of 30 will try to bike non-stop from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf. The attempt will be televised from “Good Morning Denmark” on TV2 in Tivoli, and live-streamed on

If they survive, they aim to arrive in Düsseldorf at 4pm next Wednesday.

Life at trivago: Danny! Wow! How did you get involved in this project?

Danny Jakobsen: I saw Dennis Ritter created a video that got quite some attention in the media and on Facebook. When I saw it I wrote to him to get some more info on the project because I thought it was fun that they finish up in Düsseldorf. At the end they not only wrote me more information, but actually invited me to join the bike race! I never tried biking on such scale before and I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but thought, what the heck, why not? It is #passionate17 after all! And of course for a really good cause.

Lat: What is the cause?

DJ: We are raising money for multiple sclerosis research. The whole project started last year during the Rio Olympics when Dennis Ritter was commentator on TV2 (biggest TV channel in Denmark) and live on TV he said that “If Almaz Ayana doesn’t win the gold medal in 5000 meter run I will ride to the Tour de France”. Even though she was huge favourite she didn’t win and then the media held him to his word. So now he has to bike to Düsseldorf! (which is where the Tour De France is starting this year) He started collecting money for charity for the ride, and later invited around 30 people to join him.

Lat: Who else is involved in the race?

DJ: Dennis Ritter (News Achor at TV2 News), Rasmus Staghøj (Sports Journalist at TV2), Andreas Nyholm (Weather host at TV2), Jens Barslev (Commentator at Eurosport who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis) Stig Rossen (Singer),Hjalte Bo Nørregard (Ex-footballer with 4 national caps for DK) and, well, me of course!

Lat: Sounds like a high-profile project to be involved in, will it be covered in the media?

DJ: The tour will take off live from Good Morning Denmark on TV2, and also be live streamed on Facebook.

Lat: Have you been training?

DJ: In March I bought a bike and I have trained a lot since that.. so lets see if I manage to do at least half. I was training with the team 5 times here in Denmark during the past 3 months. And then by myself along the Rhein of course! It’s been a crazy ride so far, it’s been really time consuming but it’s also rewarding to see the happy faces from the organization and one of the team mates who actually has MS.

Lat: It really is amazing you’re even attempting it Danny! Good luck, I will be there to welcome you in Wednesday and will of course donate!

DJ: We have a bus following us with mechanics and medical support in case of emergencies. Most of us won’t be able to bike all 750km in a row but we will give it our best shot! The butt starts to hurt after 15 min haha

If you want to donate to Danny’s race (there is a fun pledge per km option!) you can do so at this link:



Lee Jones
Lee Jones

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