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Everybody has that one app they just cannot live without. We got the lowdown on some of the favourite mobile apps used by our own experts in the MSE (Mobile Software Engineering) team!

1. Atilla Szabó, Android Developer

“Telegram is my favorite messaging app. It is powerful and reliable but it is also secure, open and available on every platform. I love the design as well”.

2. Bastian Andelefski, iOS Developer
Pocket Casts

“There is an endless sea of podcast players and a lot of them do a fine job, But Pocket Casts is beautiful on all platforms and gets out of the way of the content you want to listen to. I’ve never missed a feature and after years of use I have yet to encounter my first bug”.

3. Rafael Alves, Product Owner Native Apps

“The app is still in its initial steps, but they offer a very nice interface and everything seems to be very well thought through to make it easy and fast to be used. It helps me plan and keep track of my budget and even has a travel mode where you can add your expenses when travelling. Thumbs up for the development team!”

4. Karin Schneider, TO Consultant MSE
Where Is That?

“A Game app that might improve your geographic skills (or not!). We spent some fun hours trying to hit the right spots. You can either play against each other or start a learning quest”

5. Daniel Lyssi, Responsibility Lead Android

“It’s an obvious choice, but it really is by far the app I use most. To power-of-proof it: according to (yep, still got an account there), I used it to stream 10,867 (5,088 different) tracks from 1,637 artists last year. The combination of Release Rader and Discover Weekly is also a great way to find new stuff to listen to. Last but not least, every person in the universe uses Spotify, so it’s a breeze to create shared playlists for parties/road trips/etc.”

6. Rafael Ortega, Android Developer

“Helps you to get started and familiarised with a new language or not to forget one you already know. It also uses push notifications in a useful and conscious way”.

7. Stephanie Preuthen, Product Owner Native Apps

“Finally a bank that doesn’t suck! In addition to being a beautifully designed app, N26 offers you all you’d hope for in a 21st century bank: No set up costs, No monthly/yearly fees, Free Mastercard, No ATM fees and no Currency Exchange fees!

You can setup your account online within 5 minutes, all transaction updates show up live within the app (and if desired via push notifications) within seconds and you get smart monthly overviews showing you were your money really went (apparently I spend too much on travelling!)”

8. Donald Davis, iOS Developer

“This app is the first thing that I have to install when setting up any new device. With the ever growing list of online services that I use and the number of passwords that I need to keep up with, this app is invaluable. With the new family accounts it makes sharing passwords with my wife so much easier and I am also able to help out my parents with remembering some of their account information”.

9. Julian Horst, Android Developer

“Really easy app that tells you what kind of fruit/vegetable is currently in season and is therefore good for the environment”.

10. Alexander Laws, Android Developer

“Working and living in a fast paced world can be exhausting at times, why not take out 10mins a day to do just nothing. Concentrating, meditating, focusing -headspace helps to make more room to grow”.

Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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