From User to Colleague: A User Support Success Story

About one year ago Vitor Correia messaged trivago User Support to seek help with a mapping issue on his booking. Little did he know at the time that he would one day work for trivago. I got the chance to meet up with Vitor to chat about his experience with Agent Services. He mentioned his motivation to apply to trivago was once he realized trivago User Support was willing to go above and beyond to solve his issue in a timely manner.

He mentions “a lot of companies don’t fix problems but trivago actually took the time to understand my problem and solved the error within 24 hours”.

The helpful and friendly service Vitor received inspired him to research more about the company and ultimately apply for a job at trivago. Vitor first started his position at trivago in October 2017 in QA marketing solutions.

We sat down for a chat with Fillip Dias, the User Support agent behind this success story.


Life at trivago: Hi Fillip, thank you for your time! A few short questions for you! Firstly, what does a typical day as an agent look like for you?

Fillip Dias: Basically, a typical day starts with hitting the high spots of open and new tickets, finally moving forward to less urgent requests.

LAT: So how many User queries do you answer on any given day.

FD: It can vary greatly depending on how many agents are working simultaneously, day of the week, etc. But in average, between 50 to 70 tickets per day.

LAT: Got it. What’s both the best and worst message you ever received?

FD: The best messages have to be from proud mommies sharing pictures of their babies who simply cannot stop smiling at trivago tv ads. For the worst message (not really the worst, but quite funny) I will mention a situation that happened when I was working on phone support during the phone support test phase. There was this lady from Alabama… I truly found her accent very charming but on the other hand I couldn’t understand her quite well. It was not a very fruitful conversation but luckily, we both started laughing about it.

LAT: That’s so cute, I love those too! What advice do you have for prospective trivago candidates?

FD: In my opinion it is very important that a prospective candidate shows interest not only in professional development but also in personal development and take advantage of the various extra activities trivago has to offer. I’m sure it’ll make your experience both in Germany and in trivago more joyful and memorable.

LAT: I agree! That’s all for now. Thank you so much for your time!

Florian Krushel

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