We don’t only sponsor German men’s football teams!

You may have heard, this week we announced our sponsorship of the German domestic team VfL Bochum. But this isn’t the first football team we have sponsored.

Anitta, from our Organizational Foundation team, has been involved with grass-roots development projects in Sri Lanka since 2003. When she joined trivago in May 2014, it was important that she did not lose her connection to these causes, and so continued her collaboration as a passion project.

trivago offered support to Anitta to continue on this path, parallel to her role within the company, and were happy to be involved in such a project as a corporate social responsibility.

Anitta collaborates with the NGO Vasantham Vision Trust, contributing to improving social outreach programs for children in Sri Lanka.

In this particular instance, the benefactors were the Kilinochi girl’s football team, who received new kit and equipment for their after-school football projects. Previously the girls had to share gear.

The efforts and support go towards promoting female empowerment, diversity and breaking down gender stereotypes. The girls not only take on sports traditionally played by boys, but they recently had a training session with a professional boxer (sadly, this was a self-defence class, to protect themselves from the threat of sexual violence, a threat that remains very real for young women in Sri Lanka).

The topics of diversity, empowerment and breaking down barriers share a strong synergy with the values lived by trivago, which is why the company continues to support not only Anitta, but many internal talents’ external passion projects.


Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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