trivago goes (Haldern) Pop!

Each year, the small village of Haldern (population approx 6,000) welcomes revellers from near and far to their annual festival ‘Haldern Pop’. Since its inception in 1984, the event has developed independently and organically into the ‘Museum der Kleinigkeiten’ (Museum of the Little Things) that it is today.

With a mix of homegrown and international acts across numerous stages, Haldern Pop is a growing festival, with over 7000 attendees in 2017. trivago has had a presence at the festival for a number of years, with our very own tent for performances and interviews.

This year, 30 of our talents went along to take in the sights and sounds of the festival. Here’s what a couple of them had to say about the event! 🙂

Iva, Business Partner

Rain? Mud? These are definitely not the things that could have stopped the trivagoers at Haldern pop having fun. Despite the weather conditions we found a way to attend most of the performances and enjoy the nice atmosphere in the trivago camp.

What mud?

Speaking about the camp, it felt like a 5 star experience camping with hot shower, electricity and beds inside the tents. Definitely something worth experiencing when at a festival!


Nice talks in the common area and around the bonfire really brought us together, as the group was very diverse and most of the people did not really know each other before the event.

The music experience was also extremely interesting. We had the chance to watch the performances backstage and meet the artists and exchange with them. The atmosphere of the festival was like no other. As the venue was smaller some performances took place in smaller tents, rooms and even churches, and it felt like the musicians were performing especially for you.

Sabina, Organizational Foundation

“Be true — not better” This was the first statement that I (and about 30 other trivago festival lovers) read when we entered the grounds of the Haldern Pop Festival.

We were welcomed by a relaxed crowd of all ages that swayed to the tunes, rhymes and beats of the diverse festival line up. Acts like Lisa Hannigan, Clueso and Benjamin Clementine gave us the tunes for the weekend while we were happily fed with local Schnitzel, Spätzle and snacks from the community. Every year, the whole town splits up into so called “tribes”, to help make the festival a reality.

Life at trivago also set up a tent to make the experience even more memorable. It gave visitors and artists a unique chance to engage and interact by providing interviews and holding acoustic sessions. I believe my favourite act must have been the choir, who definitely managed to give the crowd goosebumps with their angelic voices.

No surprise that the trivago group enjoyed this festival to such an extent. It’s rare that you are surrounded by 7000 people who are just there to enjoy the music, make some friends and help clean up the place when the festival comes to an end.

Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a Conceptual Copywriter and Employer Branding Specialist at trivago.

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