Why is the trivago logo upside down?

Why is the trivago logo upside down? A LOT of people have been asking us that recently, I thought it only fair to shed a little more light on the situation!

This last month, you may have noticed a slight change to trivago’s branding. Especially on our Social Media.

We recently unveiled a banner for our shiny, new campus (okay, it’s not shiny yet but it is very new, in fact it is not even built).

You will notice on the banner that the trivago logo is upside down.

That’s one hell of a fuckup! (or, maybe it was slightly intentional?…)

Either way, it highlights the message that at trivago that we celebrate fuckups openly.

We celebrate our mistakes and hang them out for all to see.

You can read more about the banner and our Fuckup culture in this article right here.

That banner is still up at the campus. In fact, it will be there for the coming months.

Turning the trivago logo upside down on our social channels was in part a homage to this, as the banner gave us the impetus to expand a campaign to other channels.

I would like to both thank, and apologise to, all of the concerned online followers of trivago that have contacted us about the fuckup on our pages.

Even our Linkedin account manager has been in touch “I think there is a bug on your page, the trivago logo is upside down, would you like us to see if we can fix it?” Those guys really look after us 😉

So, why is it upside down? I hope in writing this article we’ve given you a quick answer 🙂

But, please feel free to read more about it right here.

We’re also currently running a competition on Twitter to celebrate work fuckups. Tweet us your biggest work fuckup using the hashtag #workfups (T’s & C’s apply).



Stefan Durski
Stefan Durski

Stefan is a Marketing and Employer Branding specialist in trivago’s Talent Attraction team.

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